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One of the best and most successful self-made entrepreneurs, Samuel Blankson, pulls no punches when it comes to helping you successfully Conquer Your DebtAchieve Financial ProwessDevelop Cunning Business Investment Skills, and MOTIVATING YOU to reach your goals and your dreams. The best advice for getting started is to get your hands on all of the Samuel Blankson books!

Samuel Blankson books offer you motivation and a means to get out of debt. Samuel Blankson has written over twenty books to date on topics like: How to Destroy Your Debts, Living the Ultimate Truth, How To Make A Fortune On The Stock Markets, & The Practical Guide to Total Financial Freedom. See the full list of Samuel Blankson Books offered at []

Samuel Blankson grew up in Ghana, West Africa. He remembers his first memory of reading a book. He was seven years old at the time and was skipping school on this day. Samuel wandered into a library. That was the turning point in Samuel Blankson’s life. In that library, Samuel Blankson discovered books. He started with author, Enid Blyton, read all of her books in no time at all and then moved on to many other authors and writing styles. Mr. Blankson has always been an avid reader of books since that very first trip to the library. Who is Portafina

Samuel Blankson decided to begin writing books after he was asked for some financial advice by a colleague. Samuel wrote a long email reply, advising him on debt management. Then, someone else asked for financial advice, so Samuel looked over his very in depth email and discovered that this could be the birth of a very good book. That was when “How to destroy your debts” was written. That was Samuel Blankson’s first book. Once he started, Samuel Blankson did not stop writing, as he now has over 20 books out in print.

Samuel Blankson had a major influence in his life, that person was his father who also wrote books. Samuel Blankson also attributes influence to the many books that he has read in his lifetime. He has ready thousands of books. Samuel Blankson also receives influence from his wife who has stood by his side for many years, believing in Samuel and his books and writings.

Samuel Blankson wants you to walk away from reading his books feeling inspired, motivated, and with your mind.

Samuel Blankson tends to always keep his advice simple in his books. Like in “How To Destroy Your Debt”, the best way to minimize your debts, Samuel concurs simply, is to avoid using credit for luxury purchases and one’s day-to-day groceries. First stop using the credit cards, secondly replace them with debit cards, these cards use money you already have in your bank account. Third is to spend less than you earn, and fourth is to acquire Samuel Blankson’s books to learn how to change around your debts to maximize on interest rates of your various debts.