Hottest Cake Decorating Supplies 2020

Baking and cake decorating world has taken the turn to smaller size desserts and bakings. Canapes, mini cakes, macarons and cookies, basically anything that you can consume with one or two bites. So it’s no brainer, that the most popular cake decorating supplies are the ones, that will help you to make these tiny one-bite treats. We will list 5 most popular cake decorating supplies, that we think, will take over your kitchens this year.

Cookie Cutters

Last year we saw explosive amount of businesses started making custom made cookies. So our top pick for the most popular cake decorating supplies is obviously cookie cutters. You have your traditional cookie cutter shapes, rounds, squares, hearts and so on. But we’re seeing more and more novelty cookie cutters appearing and taking over the cake decorating world. Everyone wants a custom-made cookie cutter, to beat all the other cake decorators out there.

Cookie Stamps aka Fondant Cookie Embosser

Since cookies are the new unicorns, it’s pretty clear that with the cookie cutters the next most popular cake decorating supplies are all cookie related. Cookie stamps or cookie embossers or fondant embossers – you choose how you call them, took over the baking world last year, and it’s pretty safe to say, that they are amongst one of the most popular cake decorating supplies. Fondant embossers come in huge range of fonts and wordings. If you don’t find one you like, there is a good chance you’ll find a business to get a custom-made cookie stamp made. The newest craze are the fondant debossers, which are like cookie stamps, but work the other way around, where your fondant words are embossed out, not in the fondant.

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Easy Squeeze Bottles

Embossed fondant words can be pretty hard to colour nicely and evenly. Third most popular cake decorating item is “flooding” bottles. Easy squeeze bottles allow you to paint your fondant embossings quicker and easier, the finished cookies will also look much neater and have professional finish.

Cookie Turntable

We all know that cake turntables are pretty much number one cake supply you need when you are starting your cake decorating journey. Same goes to the cookie turntable. They aren’t exactly a must cake decorating item, but they sure make your life so much easier, and quicker, when you have large amount cookies to make and decorate. Cookie turntables can obviously also be used with other tiny bakings – cupcakes, macarons and more.


Our last pick for the top 5 cake decorating supplies may be a little bit of surprising, as I’m sure all of the decorators will have brushes in the cake decorating cupboard. But sometimes all we have is couple of old brushes and even they are pretty much exactly the same. Since the cookies need lot of small precision work, we do think that a good variety of brushes is absolutely a must in your kitchen. Larger sets of brushes usually have all different shapes and sizes available in it, so you will always have a perfect brush for whatever the project is.

This is our top 5 pick of cake decorating supplies for this year. Surely there are lot more cake decorating items out there that you might need or want. But if you’ve hopped on to the cookie decorating madness, than these are definitely the ones, you want to make sure you will have, before you start your baking and decorating.

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